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How do I get a locker?

You can get a locker by requesting one at the EdUS office! There are many small lockers and big lockers to choose from within the Education Building.

Be sure to:

  1. Have your student ID information

    1. Full name

    2. Student ID number

    3. McGill E-mail address

   2. Have a device with internet connectivity to pay (Wifi available)

Is there different types of lockers?

The answer is yes! We offer two types of lockers. A small (half size) and a large (full size). Please contact a council member to ensure that there is a locker available.

Small Locker (1 semester)                                           Small Locker (2 semesters)                            $10                                                                               $20   

Big Locker (1 semester)                                              Big Locker (2 semesters)

$15                                                                                $30

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