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Faculty Advisors

                                Here is a quick resource list you can refer to regarding...


Your departmental advisor is the key to successfully navigating your chosen program of study! 


Who is my assigned departmental advisor?

Check the top left corner of your unofficial transcript via the 'Student' menu in Minerva to see your advisor's name. 

Then, contacting your advisor depends on which Program you are registered in.

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Education Local Wellness Advisor: Marie-Eve Couture

Marie-Eve is available to offer support and resources to students in the Faculty of Education. Through your local wellness advisor, you can be referred to other services and support groups through the McGill Student Wellness Hub. Book an initial meeting here to discuss possible support and solutions for your situation.

Local Wellness Advisor (LWAs) are trained mental health clinicians embedded within faculties and services to orient and connect you with the appropriate support resource - on-campus or off-campus - for your unique situation. With similar educational backgrounds to counsellors, LWAs also facilitate wellness programming tailored to your faculty or identified community and work with departments on wellness awareness, prevention and early intervention. Local Wellness Advisors each offer targeted mental health workshops, wellness outreach through our social media channels, as well as one-on-one appointments.     

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Career Planning

The McGill Faculty of Education provides career services tailored specifically for students in the Teacher Education and Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) programs, in partnership with the University’s Career Planning Service (CaPS). We support students’ career development by providing individual career advising, offering engaging career events & workshops that bring together students and industry professionals/employers, and fostering student leadership in the community and beyond.

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Field Experiences

The ISA Office understands the anticipation students are experiencing in advance of receiving their placement details.


Information about placement details:

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