Education 4 à 7: Detention Den

Had a long week? Want to meet new people or meet up with your friends? Come out to our bi-weekly 4à7s!

Every second Wednesday, EdUS holds a 4à7 (from 5pm-8pm... the name is a lie.) in the basement of the Education building.


Come for the cheap beer, popcorn, music and good times. On top of all that, each 4à7 has a different theme, and with that theme comes tons of surprises!


PS. There might be grilled cheese! 

Winter 2019 Dates


Career Fair

Every year, Student Affairs and EdUS put on a career fair for all Education students. This fair brings employers from across the globe to McGill to give you a chance to meet them and gather information about possible future employment! We highly encourage all students, from any year or program, to attend. 

This year's career fair will be held on February 4th, 2019 in New Rez.

Contact the VP External, Tatum Arcon, for more information on the fair, or how to get involved in this event. 

Grad Ball

At the end of every school year, EdUS hosts the Education Graduation Ball. This is an event to celebrate the university careers of graduating students in the the Faculty of Education. Though it is held in honour of graduating students, all members of our faculty are welcome!


Last year, the event was held at L'Ambroisie on April 14th, 2018. 


Frosh is the perfect way to welcome all of the incoming students to the Faculty of Education, McGill and Montreal. It is a four day event that is a part of McGill’s Orientation week. It is organized for student, by students. Frosh allows first years to get to know each other, McGill and Montreal.


For more information on Frosh or to sign up online, check out our Frosh website!


If you have any question about Frosh, feel free to contact the VP Internals - Alexandre Kalmbach & Frederick Farmer. 

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