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FYRE (First-Year Representatives of Education) is EdUS’s NEW first-year committee. FYRE is specially tailored to suit the needs of U0 and new U1 students in the Faculty of Education in all programs: Kindergarten Elementary, Secondary, TESL, Physical Education, Kinesiology, and Music Education. FYRE plans events for new first-year students while also representing their academic interests.
For more information and updates on FYRE, check out their Facebook page


Event Committee

Are you looking to get involved? Events Committee is the perfect way to do just that! On this committee, you will work with the VP Internals to organize, plan, and put into action different events for all of the faculty. These events include the 4a7s, Grad Ball, a semi-formal and what ever other events you may think of. It is a great way to meet people in the faculty and make a long lastly difference. It is also looks great on a CV!


Contact the VP Internals to get started

VP Internal:



As teachers, we understand that giving back and being involved within our community is an important aspect of social development - so why not start now? The Education Undergraduate Society is proud to support various charitable organizations that help our community grow. If you wish to support these causes & organize events to promote them, join the Charity Committee.


Contact the VP Externals to see what you can do.

VP External:

Charity Committee 

Mentoring Program

The EduBuddy Mentoring Program is a student run initiative that pairs first year students with senior Education students. The students are matched with their buddies at the beginning of the year. Throughout the school year they meet up and take part in a variety of activities run by the EduBuddy coordinators. The senior buddies are also expected to maintain regular contact with their "little buddies".  
If you have questions about this program, contact the VP Academics at 
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