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Involvement Restriction Policy (IRP)

What is the IRP?

The IRP is a contract and policy that processes, investigates, and acts on complaints of any inappropriate conduct, such as discrimination, harassment, or violence. This policy is uniform across faculties to efficiently apply a ban across all events

Who can use the IRP?

Any McGill undergraduate student may report a complaint under the IRP. The IRP applies to all members of SSMU including students, SSMU volunteers and staff, or those impacted by these individual's actions.

How do I file a complaint?

Reports may be made to SSMU you or to your faculty association. To report an incident to EdUS, you can email or fill out the complaint form below.

What should I include in my complaint? 

The complaint should be as detailed as possible including the dates, times, a description of the incident, the identity of the respondent and their relationship to SSMU, the names of witnesses, etc.

How long will the process take?

After a complaint is filed, the IRP committee will take one week to determine if the complaint falls under the IRP. After ratification, the investigation process will last no longer than four weeks.

Can I stay

Absolutely! The investigation may be done anonymously or via proxy. In addition, all of the IRP committee members sign non-disclosure agreements to maintain confidentiality.

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