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Need support? Fill out a form.

For those who experiences difficult situations without knowing how to approach it, we have created several forms to help you start. 

These forms can be submitted anonymously, we are here for you.

Anti-Racism Form for Comments/Suggestions

We at EdUS have been working to follow up on our statement against racism and racial injustice with concrete action within the faculty, as well as within EdUS itself. Our goal moving forward as an organization is to acknowledge the harm that we have done, as a predominantly white council, by not taking the initiative to interrogate our own whiteness, and not taking the proper steps to ensure that we are actively recruiting, supporting, and engaging the Black and Indigenous students within our faculty. To be silent is to be complicit, and racism is not germane to the United States—it is ever present in both Canada, and McGill as a whole.

IRP/Equity Complaint Form

If you need any support filling out this form, please do not hesitate to contact the Equity Commissioner, Sam Nepton (she/her), at and she will help guide you through the process.

EGSS Forms

The Education Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS) of McGill University offers an invaluable resource for all graduate students in the Faculty of Education. This open and free society not only provides a welcoming environment for graduate students to come together to share insights, expertise and fellowship, but also, it provides a vehicle for the collective voice of the graduate student body to be recognized and respected throughout the Faculty of Education. The EGSS seeks to augment the graduate student experience by making available the necessary information, activities, resources and opportunities for an extraordinary student life. The EGSS is committed to work within an anti-oppressive framework by fostering inclusivity, member participation and executive transparency.

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