Detention Den Volunteers

Every second Wednesday, EdUS hosts their very own 4à7 in the student lounge. We're currently looking for volunteers to help set-up, serve and help out during these events. 


Requirements: must be availble for at least 2 hours from 3pm to 8pm on Wednesdays, must be 18+, must have followed McGill's server training if interested in being part of serving staff. 

For further information, contact the VP Internal.

Environment Committee

Teaching our students about the changes in our environment are imperative in order to make positive change.  We can help make a difference in the McGill community by planning small events, and sharing environmentally friendly lessons.

Contact the VP Communications for more information about getting involved! 

Charity Committee

As teachers, we understand that giving back and being involved within our community are important aspects of social development - so why not start now? The Education Undergraduate Society is proud to support various charitable organizations that help our community grow. If you wish to support these causes & organize events to promote them, join the Charity Committee.


Contact the VP External to see what you can do. 

Events Committee

Are you looking to get involved? Events Committee is the perfect way to do just that! On this committee, you will work with the VP Internals to organize, plan, and put into action different events for all of the faculty. These events include the 4à7s, Grad Ball, a semi-formal and what ever other events you may think of. It is a great way to meet people in the faculty and make a long, lastly difference. It is also looks great on a CV!


Contact the VP Internal to get started.