Field Experiences

If you are having an issue during one of your field experiences and feel like you need extra support, do not hesitate to email our VP Academic at


Who is my placement coordinator and how can I contact them?

After clicking on the following link, scroll down until you see “Placement Coordinator” and check who is listed for your specific program.


When is my field experience taking place?


Where can I read about the policies concerning my field experience?


Where can I access the forms that I need for my field experience?


Can I do my field experience outside of Montreal?

There are only opportunities for the 4th field experience to be completed outside of Montreal. To find out which experiences are available and to find out if you are eligible check out the following link:


Can I do my field experience at an alternative school?

There are opportunities to be placed at an alternative school during the 2nd and 4th field experiences. To find out how to apply for a special opportunity field experience in the greater Montreal area check out the following link:


Where can I access guidelines for the professional e-portfolio?

I have feedback that I would like to share with the ISA about my field experience; how can I do so? 

The ISA is eager to hear your comments, compliments, and concerns about your field experience! Please fill out the Student Teaching Feedback Form: