Assistance with Academic Issues


If you are having an issue with one of your courses and feel like you need extra support, do not hesitate to email our VP Academic at


What are my student rights?

SMUU did an excellent job of putting together a website that outlines our rights as students. Check it out here!


How can I get help with academic and personal problems that are causing me to fail a course or miss an assignment?

If you are failing a course contact you academic advisor who is listed on the top of your unofficial transcript on Minerva by emailing

or going to Room 244.

Get more information here:


How can I be accommodated for a disability that is hindering my academic success?

You can contact the Office for Students with Disabilities. You can book an appointment by calling (514) 398-6009 or stopping by their office located at 3459 McTavish.


Where can I access the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures?

For more information send an email to


What is the procedure if an allegation is made with regards to a student breaking the code?

Take a look at the following links:

For inquiries about your specific case contact the ISA officer- Vanessa Smith



Disciplinary Officer for the Faculty of Education- Fiona Benson


For general inquiries contact the Office of the Dean of Students-

William & Mary Brown Student Services Building
3600 McTavish, Suite 4100

(514) 398-4990


What is a student advocate?

You can have an advocate by your side during allegations. This can be any unpaid member of the McGill Community. Some suggestion would be the EdUS VP Academic or President, or a member of McGill Student Advocacy.

Here are some forms you might find useful:

Request for Credit Overload 

Request for Leave of Absence 

Intent to Transfer 

Request for Permission to Study Part-Time 

Request for Late Course Withdrawal 

Request for University Withdrawal 

Request for Appeal of a ‘J’ Grade

Late Course Add Request 

Request for Re-Read 

Healthcare Provider- Return to Studies Approval 

K Grade Contract

You can access them here: